About Us

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    Date: 05/29/2017

The Story

I started Hans and René in 2010, and since then it’s been an unexpected epic ride.  I get asked all the time if Hans and René is a foreign company- after all, those names are foreign to Nigeria. Hans and René is actually a funny derivative of my twin sons’ names…. During a challenging time in my life, I found it incredibly cathartic to bake, and I still do. I began baking for my husband, siblings and friends. Thanks to their encouragement, and after several name changes, Hans and René was born.

The orders came in, and soon my home kitchen became our first bakery and my dining table, my first icing station. “I” became a “We” and our tiny team of “just me” became a team of three, then four. By year 3, we were out of my kitchen and into our current bakery in Victoria Island.

The idea for a Gelataria was a no brainer from inception; it just took 5 years to execute. Our passion for all things sweet meant that we just had to create a space where people could come and enjoy the best of our baked goods and Gelato: A place that people could feast both their eyes and their palates. In May 2015, we opened the first Gelataria in Lagos. Just like our baked goods, our Gelato is freshly made in small batches. And in December 2015, we added two more locations; produced from our flagship, and delivered closer to you.

Our Mission

We opened our doors with one mission in mind; to deliver the best service we truly deserve in Nigeria- Product wise and Customer Service wise. We guarantee that your day improves the moment you walk into any of our stores.

And when you taste any of our offerings- be it gelato, cruffin or filled doughnut, that feeling in exponentially multiplied. This is why we don’t cut corners with our ingredients.

At Hans and René, we are proud of our Nigerian heritage evident in our constant experimentation with local indigenous fruits and flavors. One that brings lots of pride is our “Agbalumo Sorbet”. The first of it’s kind in the world, made from the unique tasting African Star Fruit. For Holidays such as Divali and Eid, we get so much pleasure from creating flavors to celebrate different cultures and beliefs.  With flavors like these, Hans and René has become a melting pot for foreigners and locals alike.

Why Gelato?

“Gelato” cannot be directly translated into the word “ice cream”.

Italian gelato is an entirely different product, having indisputable higher quality and unique style. It contains less fat than ice cream, has less incorporated air, and is served at a higher temperature. These are just three of the differentiating qualities that provide a greater flavor experience!

Tayo Bolodeku