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    Relentless innovation that delivers delight right. Every time.

    We mastered our field because quality isn’t an option.

    Hans and René sources organic produce

    Organic produce

    Hans and René sources organic produce

    Recycled packaging

    Hans and René sources organic produce

    Quality control

    Hans and René sources organic produce

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    1 / 10

    Your favourite snack in Lagos traffic?

    2 / 10

    Go to genre on streaming platforms?

    3 / 10

    Who are you at a kid’s party?

    4 / 10

    You’re on vacation, what’s the vibe?

    5 / 10

    You have a super-power, what is it?

    6 / 10

    Favourite weekend activity?

    7 / 10

    You just won the lottery, who are you calling first?

    8 / 10

    Scene: Phone, gelato, music, sunlight. What's missing?

    9 / 10

    This colour speaks to you...

    10 / 10

    The one social media app you can't stay off of

    The absolutely anything but Vanilla one.

    Timeless appeal. Your refined taste appreciates the elegance of simplicity. You appreciate the classics, just like this smooth, creamy gelato.

    Hans and René Vanilla gelato.

    The really tart Agbalumo one.

    Your adventurous spirit seeks excitement and unique experiences. Just like this tangy sorbet, you're not afraid to embrace bold flavors.

    Hans and René Agbalumo sorbet.

    The fabulously fruity Yoghurt & Berry one.

    A burst of fruity delight. Your personality is as vibrant and exciting as this flavor. You embrace the joy of life and bring a sense of fun wherever you go.

    Hans and René Yoghurt and Berry gelato.

    The melts in your mouth Stracciatella one

    A timeless delight. Your personality is a perfect blend of simplicity and excitement. Just like this gelato, you bring joy wherever you go, effortlessly melting hearts.

    Hans and René Stracciatella gelato.

    The ever so sophisticated Pistachio one.

    You have a taste for the finer things in life. You appreciate sophistication and the subtle nuances of flavor that make life more interesting.

    Hans and René Pistachio gelato.

    The very grown-up Zobo one.

    You have a mature and refined palate, appreciating the subtleties of life. You're not afraid to embrace unique and sophisticated tastes. Stay sharp, my friend.

    Hans and René Zobo sorbet.

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