Abundance is the overflowing of all good things. It is happiness in large measure. It is the unending addition of more joy. Abundance is Hans & René.

A portrait of Mrs. Tayo Bolodeoku, Founder & CEO of Hans & René

A Letter from the
Chief Connoisseur of the Sweet Life

Hey Sweeties,

Picture this: The year was 2003 and my twin boys, Folahan and Folarin, had just made a grand entrance. Turns out they were the first chapter of the most incredible plot twist of my life. Autism soon took centre stage and upended our normal. Late one night, brain foggy from autism research, I stumbled into my kitchen in search of a distraction. I baked…and baked…and baked…and created a whole new world filled with the sweetest offerings. I soon found a joyful rhythm that became part of my daily routine – full-time wife, mum of 4, and ‘autism researcher’ by day, Fairy Godmother of Baked Joy by night. Before long, thanks to family, friends and word of mouth (no pun intended), Scrumptious Options was born.

Alas, more than a few of my fellow sweetie-zens found “scrumptious,” well, a mouthful to pronounce, and after we had seen and heard it all (scrum-chums, scrump-chows…), we were more than inspired to rebrand. I landed on a derivative of my sons’ nicknames – Folahan’s Hanny became “Hans” and Folarin’s Rinny became “René.” Thus, ladies and gentlemen, Hans and René made its debut...

I kept working out of my home kitchen until my long-suffering husband (Mr B!) had his fill of customers sauntering into our living room to pick up their orders. He offered the extension of his office in Victoria Island as our very first bakery in 2011. Shortly thereafter, in-between school drop-offs with my older two, I also went back to school to master the fine art of gelato at the Caprigiani Gelato University in Italy. Clearly, we’re not called the Connoisseurs of the Sweet Life™ for nothing.

In 2012, I took a leap of faith and a leave of absence: I handed the reins to my team and moved to Cape Town in search of the best care for Hanny and Rinny. I shuttled between Lagos, London and Cape Town from 2012-2015, determined to keep all the balls of my life juggling in midair. It was in the scenic calm of Cape Town that the next puzzle piece fell into place: I daydreamed about more extensive offerings beyond cakes and before long, my mind drifted back to my gelato days in Italy. Low fat, perfect weather in Lagos, a canvas with an abundance of options…yup, time for gelato to *finally* get the Hans and René treatment.

I shifted base back to Lagos, and in May 2015, we opened the first-ever gelateria in Nigeria at our flagship in Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Lagos. Because excellence is how we roll at Hans and René, in 2016, I enrolled at Le Cordon Bleu in London to become a certified pâtissière (pastry chef) and graduated with a Merit in December 2017. *Chef’s kiss*

Speaking of plot twists, would you believe me if I told you that Hans means “God has been gracious” in German and René means “reborn” in French and German? I couldn’t make up a more fitting name for this journey if I tried. 8 years later, we have 8 outlets in Lagos and Abuja (and counting), over a hundred staff, and the SWEETEST tribe on the planet – and that’s on gelato. With all the changes over the years, one thing has remained unchanged – our unwavering commitment to our craft, country and our community. We’ve expanded our offerings to include an abundant spread of scrumptious (options…hehe), baked joys and gelato to rival the rainbow, each with a touch of the personal care and warmth that bloomed during a challenging time in my life.

I’ve come a long way from my home kitchen to bring joy closer to you in the most exciting ways – from your first bite to the last spoon, from your first stop after school to your first date, from your happiest days to your most difficult ones. Life happens. I get it. That’s why Hans and René is here to remind you that joy is always within reach if you know where to look.

This is how the story always begins.

The Original Connoisseur of The Sweet Life,

The signature of the CEO and Founder of Hans & René, Tayo Bolodeoku (a.k.a Mrs. B)

Tayo Bolodeoku (aka Mrs. B)
Founder and CEO

Indulgence for us isn’t hedonism or gluttony. It’s understanding that you deserve to enjoy the pleasure of anything that brings you happiness.

An illustration that describes the mission of Hans & René: 'To make gelato synonymous with Hans & René.'

Our Mission

To make gelato synonymous with Hans & René.

We have the expertise, an indomitable spirit, and a launchpad market of 200 million people with 365 days of sunshine.

An illustration that describes the mission of Hans & René: 'To become a global frozen desserts and confectionary brand through relentless innovation.'

Our Vision

To become a global frozen desserts and confectionary brand through relentless innovation.

Our innovation and experimentation is an expression of our pursuit of a more abundant life.

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Your favourite snack in Lagos traffic?

2 / 10

Go to genre on streaming platforms?

3 / 10

Who are you at a kid’s party?

4 / 10

You’re on vacation, what’s the vibe?

5 / 10

You have a super-power, what is it?

6 / 10

Favourite weekend activity?

7 / 10

You just won the lottery, who are you calling first?

8 / 10

Scene: Phone, gelato, music, sunlight. What's missing?

9 / 10

This colour speaks to you...

10 / 10

The one social media app you can't stay off of

The absolutely anything but Vanilla one.

Timeless appeal. Your refined taste appreciates the elegance of simplicity. You appreciate the classics, just like this smooth, creamy gelato.

Hans and René Vanilla gelato.

The really tart Agbalumo one.

Your adventurous spirit seeks excitement and unique experiences. Just like this tangy sorbet, you're not afraid to embrace bold flavors.

Hans and René Agbalumo sorbet.

The fabulously fruity Yoghurt & Berry one.

A burst of fruity delight. Your personality is as vibrant and exciting as this flavor. You embrace the joy of life and bring a sense of fun wherever you go.

Hans and René Yoghurt and Berry gelato.

The melts in your mouth Stracciatella one

A timeless delight. Your personality is a perfect blend of simplicity and excitement. Just like this gelato, you bring joy wherever you go, effortlessly melting hearts.

Hans and René Stracciatella gelato.

The ever so sophisticated Pistachio one.

You have a taste for the finer things in life. You appreciate sophistication and the subtle nuances of flavor that make life more interesting.

Hans and René Pistachio gelato.

The very grown-up Zobo one.

You have a mature and refined palate, appreciating the subtleties of life. You're not afraid to embrace unique and sophisticated tastes. Stay sharp, my friend.

Hans and René Zobo sorbet.

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